Who are we kidding?

How can a company devoted to selling plastic products give a stuff about the environment! Well, we do… and hence the emphasis on the word “Tuff”. Meaning we are committed to supplying quality, sustainable products that can become hand-me-downs for future family generations. Our products are shipped safely but with minimal packaging ensuring we are making positive impacts to our world around us and the people that choose to buy from The Tuff bunch. 

Our entire range is fully recyclable and produced conscientiously. We source all our products from quality approved manufacturers ensuring they all have an environmental policy in place which is adhered to. Our primary manufacturer has designed a system within the production flow to recycle all waste and covert into recycled material; assisting nature and protecting the Environment as we go.

The life of our business depends on adapting to change and it’s important to us that we are leaving a positive mark on the environment and the society we live in. Our 10-year goal is to work with manufacturers to ultimately have all our products sourced from either renewable or recyclable materials creating a fully cyclical process in procurement and distribution.

The Tuff Bunch is proud of the steps we have already made in becoming a more environmentally and socially aware driven company, but we understand that this is just the start of the journey, and it must continue. We are committed to focus on continuous improvement as our youngest family members (Jesse and Milli) who sparked the idea of this company, have their future in all our hands.