Maximum fun, minimal space!

Remember the carefree days of childhood, where discoveries were in abundance and the sun seemed to shine at its brightest? Well from this nostalgic place in our hearts an idea was sparked, and a company was formed.

“The Tuff Bunch” crew is a family run business founded by Allen Garb and his daughter Matti (the new mama bear) who are both passionate about the developmental and functional needs of their youngest members, Jesse & Milli, but more importantly about creating memories that last a lifetime.  

Understanding the importance of children’s formative years, the colourful and safe products at “Tuff” help promote an environment where children can be at their creative best. 

From this notion the “Tuff Play” range was born -  a vibrant collection of multi coloured furniture & toys, designed to enhance your kiddies creative mind through the power of play!

Tuff Play's Furniture encourages table-top play-time activities and hands-on creative learning. Only fun mess is welcomed on these stackable and easy to clean surfaces with no assembly required. 

With an exciting choice of ride-ons, sand pits, slides and more. You can be sure to find that special toy that fosters an engaging, fun and educational environment for all enthusiastic tots.

Our products are fully recyclable and produced conscientiously. Our manufacturer (over 30 years in business) has designed a system within the production flow to recycle all waste and convert into recycled eco-friendly products for entry level markets, assisting nature and protecting the environment as we go. 

Our products are made to last, and we have first hand proof of its longevity as Jesse and Milli are currently making use of their mama’s first ever table and chair set – 27 years on -  and it’s still as colourful and practical as the first day she got it.